About Us
We are proud to distinguish ourselves as Master Craftsmen, creating "Truly Custom" creations for our clients.  We use meticulous precision as we take your concept and make it a unique reality for your home and family. 

Our consultants cultivate each client relationship with a sophistication rarely encountered in our industry, as we understand your initial wants and needs, and then determine the final design that will begin the process of creating another Hemingway original for your home.  All design and construction occurs in one location under our control at our Black Rock, Connecticut facility.  We are not a fragmented builder, where we compromise your final design with pre-made boxes or pressed backings.  The only inventory we stock is exceptional raw material, such as fine mahogany and oak, and the hardware and tools it takes to transform these natural materials into exceptional pieces of timeless elegance for your home.

"Having everything under one roof - the showroom, design center, and the factory - gives me control over the resources and timing," owner, George Krawiec, states...  "At any point, a client can come in and see where we are in the process."

Please contact us for a free consultation and to see why Hemingway's reputation with both its clients and upscale home builders is unique to create exceptional and original creations for your home.